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The 4th International Conference of Hospital Administration (ICHA 2019)

Event starts on 2019.11.07 for 2 days in Makassar |

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Abdi Agus Youandi
- RS Gatoel Mojokerto
- PS MMRS FKUB - Indonesia

Abu Khoiri
Universitas Airlangga (Student of Doctoral Program)
Universitas Jember (Lecturer of Public Health Faculty - Indonesia

Achmad Arrizal
Universitas Brawijaya - Indonesia

Agung Dwi Laksono
National Institute of Health Research and
Development - Indonesia

Alfan Erzi
Magister Manajemen Rumah Sakit Fakultas
Kedokteran UNIBRAW - Indonesia

Amran Razak
Administration and Health Policy Department, Faculty of Public Health, Hasanuddin University - Indonesia

Andi Amirah Shaleha
Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Hasanuddin - Indonesia

Andi Indahwaty Sidin
Public Health Faculty, Hospital
Administration Departments - Indonesia

Andi Wetenri Padauleng
Department of Hospital Management and Administration of Hasanuddin University (Student of Magister Program) - Indonesia

Anggi Gilang Yudiansyah
MMRS FK UB - Indonesia

Ari Nurfikri
Hospital Administration of Vocational Education Program Universitas Indonesia - Indonesia

Arlina Dewi
Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Arni Rizqiani Rusydi
Hasanuddin University - Indonesia

Arnol Gosal
O Management - Indonesia

Arvidareyna panca Aprilianingtyas
Brawijaya university - Indonesia

Aryo Dewanto
Universitas Brawijaya - Indonesia

Asmaryadi Asmaryadi
Public Health Faculty, Hasanuddin University - Indonesia


Astrianty Nugraha Arfan
It is an individual without representing any
institutions - Indonesia

Ayu Rizky Ameliyah
MARS UNHAS - Indonesia

Badra Al Aufa
Vocational Education Program, Universitas
Indonesia - Indonesia

Dewi Banjarsari Sintauli Manalu
Universitas Esa Unggul Jakarta - Indonesia

Diah Ayu Kusumawardani
Hospital Management Master Degree Program,
Faculty Of Medicine University Of Brawijaya - Indonesia

Dian Pertiwi
Magister manajemen rumah sakit
universitas brawijaya malang - Indonesia

dina fitriana rosyada

Dionisius Alvian Ariwibowo
Universitas Indonesia - Indonesia

Djazuly Chalidyanto
FKM Universitas Airlangga - Indonesia

dr. Ferry
Universitas Esa Unggul - Indonesia

INDONESIA - Indonesia

Eha Sumantri
STIK Tamalatea Makassar - Indonesia

Else Agustina
Rumah Sakit Umum Universitas
Muhammadiyah Malang - Indonesia

Elsye Maria Rosa
Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Elsye maria Rosa
Universities Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Erlina Puspitaloka Mahadewi
Esa Unggul University, Jakarta - Indonesia

Fitri Evita
Esa Unggul University - Indonesia

Fridawaty Rivai
Public Health Faculty of Hasanuddin
University - Indonesia

Fuad Husain Akbar
Department Dental Public Health,
Faculty of Dentistry, Hasanuddin
University, Indonesia - Indonesia

Gerardin Ranind Kirana
IIK Bhakti Wiyata Kediri - Indonesia

Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Jakarta - Indonesia

Haerawati Idris
Faculty of Public Health, Sriwijaya University - Indonesia

Hari Dwi Suharsono
Master of Hospital Management
Program, Faculty of Medicine,
Universitas Brawijaya, Malang - Indonesia

Harjanti Harjanti
- Klinik Pratama Rawat Inap Nusantara
- Alumni PS MMRS FKUB - Indonesia

Heriyati Heriyati
Universitas Sulawesi Barat - Indonesia

Iin Karmila Yusri
Computer and Networking Engineering
Program Study, Politeknik Negeri Ujung
Pandang - Indonesia

Indar Indar

Iqbal Sayyidil Affan Purba
Magister Manajemen Rumah Sakit
Medical Faculty
Brawijaya University - Indonesia

Ira Prasanti
Post Graduate Program in Hospital
Management, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas
Brawijaya, Malang - Indonesia

Irwandy Irwandy
Hasanuddin University - Indonesia

Julia Indriaty
ESA UNGGUL University - Indonesia

Kurnia Widyaningrum
Universitas Brawijaya - Indonesia

Page 1 (data 1 to 50 of 105) | Displayed ini 50 data/page

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