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1st International Seminar on Indigenous Farm Animals (ISIFA 2020)
Starts on 2020.06.29 for 4 days in Senggigi
Organized by Universitas Mataram

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International Conference, The Jayakarta Lombok Hotel & Spa Lombok, Senggigi
Keywords: Genetic resource (mapping, engineering), Genetic and environment interaction, Socio economic and culture, Animal welfare and health, Product quality

International Conference on Theory and Applied Mathematics (INCOTAM 2020)
Starts on 2020.06.26 for 2 days in Malang
Organized by Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang

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International Conference, UMM Inn - Kota Malang, Malang
Keywords: Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Computational Science, Differential Equation, Geometry, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Number Theory, Operation Research, Statistical Mathematics

PAPTEKINDO International Conference and Convention (PAPTEKINDO 2020)
Starts on 2020.06.25 for 4 days in Manado
Organized by Universitas Negeri Manado

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International Conference, Hotel Four Points Manado, Manado

Seminar Nasional Fisika (SNF 2020)
Starts on 2020.06.20 for 1 days in Jakarta
Organized by Universitas Negeri Jakarta

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National Conference, Gd Dewi Sartika UNJ, Jakarta

International Conference Language, Culture, and Literature (ICLCL 2020)
Starts on 2020.06.19 for 2 days in Ende
Organized by Universitas Flores

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International Conference, Aula H .J. Gadi Djou Universitas Flores, Ende
Keywords: Culture, Education, Language, Literature

The 2nd Seminar on Advances in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering for Elementary Schools (SAMSES 2020)
Starts on 2020.06.17 for 1 days in Bandung
Organized by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

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International Conference, Grand Mercure Setiabudi Bandung, Bandung
Keywords: Computer-based learning, Design and implementation of technology-rich learning environment, Innovations in instructional training and elementary education, Instructional technology and application in elementary schools, Robotic and game teaching in elementary school children, STEM curriculum in elementary schools, STEM-based classroom management, Teaching and Learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, Training and professional development for STEM teachers

Starts on 2020.06.12 for 2 days in Bengkulu
Organized by FKIP Universitas Bengkulu

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International Conference, Universitas Bengkulu, Bengkulu
Keywords: Curriculum and Educational Technology, Educational Management and Policy, Other Areas of Education, Primary Education, Science Education, Specific Education, Teaching Profession

The International Conference on Mathematics and Science Education (ICMScE 2020)
Starts on 2020.06.06 for 1 days in Bandung
Organized by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

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International Conference, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung
Keywords: Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Mathematics Education, Physics Education, Science Education, STEM Education

7th National Symposium and 3rd International Symposium Marine and Fisheries (ISMF 2020)
Starts on 2020.06.05 for 2 days in Makassar
Organized by Universitas Hasanuddin

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International Conference, Hotel Claro Makassar, Makassar
Keywords: Aquatic Biodiversity, Aquatic Ecology dan Conservation, Aquatic Pollution and Ecotoxicology, Fisheries Processing Technology dan Food Safety, Marine and Fisheries Biotechnology, Marine and Fisheries Community Service and Food Security, Marine and Fisheries Geographical Information System (GIS), Marine and Fisheries Law and Development Policy, Marine and Fisheries Socio-Economics and Culture, Marine Ecotourism, Maritime Technology, Natural Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation, Oceanographic, Sustainable Aquaculture, Sustainable Fisheries

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