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The 2nd Sriwijaya International Conference on Environmental Issues 2020 (SRICOENV 2020)
Starts on 2020.10.21 for 1 days in Palembang
Organized by Universitas Sriwijaya

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International Conference, Online Virtual Conference, Palembang
Keywords: Advance Life On Land, Agriculture Sustainable Develompent, Clean Energy Action, Develop Life Below Water, Eliminate Poverty And Well-Being, Improve Cities For Sustainable Environment, Improve Communities For Sustainable Environment, Improve Institutions For Sustainable Environment, Organize Climate Change, Reduce Hunger And Establish Good Health

Konferensi Regional Akuntansi IAI (IAIKRA 2020)
Starts on 2020.09.02 for 1 days in Palembang
Organized by Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia Wilayah Sumatera Selatan

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National Conference, Hotel Beston Palembang, Palembang
Keywords: Akuntansi Keuangan, Akuntansi Manajemen dan Keperilakuan, Akuntansi Publik, Akuntansi Syariah, Audit, Bidang kajian Akuntansi Lainnya, Etika Bisnis dan Corporate Governance, Pendidikan Akuntansi, Perpajakan, Sistem Informasi

Starts on 2020.03.30 for 2 days in Palembang
Organized by Poltekkes Kemenkes Palembang

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International Conference, Hotel Whydam OPI Hotel Palembang,Indonesia, Palembang
Keywords: Nursing, Complementary Health, Midwifery, Food and Nutrition, Pharmacy, Public Health, , Medical Laboratory Technology, Dental Sciences, Occupational Health, Environmental Health, Health Management, Technology, Social Sciences

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