SIRES 2019 Conference

Optimization of Cross-Regional Water Resources Utilization in Indonesia
1 Hani Burhanudin, 2 Lelly Syiddatul Akliyah, 3 Nia Kurniasari

1,2,3 Department of Urban and Regional Planning, UNISBA, Jl. Tamansari No. 1 Bandung 40116
e-mail: hani_burhan66[at]


Water resources can be a catalyst for cross-regional cooperation that is mutually beneficial, especially in economic development. The water resource provider must be able to optimize its utilization both for internal and external areas so that it does not cause conflict. Besides that, the use of water must also be efficient so that it can be consumed every time. The efficient use of water resources requires the concept of applying water prices to users so that they are not wasteful. Through the application of water prices, compensation for environmental services will be needed for the preservation of water sources. For this reason, the use of water needs to be managed as optimal as possible so that it gets the greatest benefits, but non-conflict. Kuningan Regency and Cirebon City in Indonesia collaborate in the water resources sector. Kuningan Regency, a service provider, faces two challenges between the obligation to serve its territory for irrigation needs and the City of Cirebon for domestic water supply. This study aims to see the extent of the carrying capacity of supply serving water users and optimal allocation so that cooperation in the water resources sector is sustainable. Linear programming is used by the simplex method. The optimization technique used in maximizing the profits from the allocation of springs to the two main user sectors, namely agriculture and domestic in accordance with the needs and interests of each. Based on the results of the calculation of the optimum profit by utilizing water resources for irrigation covering an area of 19.22 hectares and serving drinking water needs for 1,445,014 people, with a profit of Rp1.903.535.035/year. To implement this finding, the support of all stakeholders involved is needed so that water management works sustainably.

Keywords: optimization, utilization of water resources, cross-regional, sustainable.

Topic: Urban and Regional Planning


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