ICIST 2019 Conference

Online Monitoring System for Emergency Diabetes Mellitus Patients
Ratna Kurniawati[a], Suryono Suryono[b], , Suhartini Ismail [c]

Master Student Adult Nursing[a], Department of Physic[b],
Emergency and Critical Nursing, Department of Nursing Science[c], Diponegoro University, Indonesia


Abstract— In this research, an online monitoring system was designed to detect emergency due to uncontrolled blood glucose fluctuations in patients with diabetes mellitus. Hyperglycemia in the morning causes dawn phenomenon and Somogyi effect. This incident is very fast, and its uncontrollable time of occurrence can inflict a fatal condition causing death. Unfortunately, there are no systems able to detect such events, currently. This study proposes an online monitoring system with the input of the patients blood glucose measurement into the smartphone. Blood glucose values are sent and stored in the webserver, and the results are used to determine the incidence of dawn phenomenon and the Somogyi effect. The study was able to produce an online monitoring system which can be monitored by nurses, doctors, and administrators via the dashboard.

Keywords: online monitoring, diabetes mellitus, emergency, self care management

Topic: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/3A6yeVHmK4DW

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