ICOSTA 2019 Conference

Development of Visual Media Characterized by Batak Culturer Dalihan Na Tolu
Defa ; Wisman Hadi ; Daulat Saragih

Postgraduate School - Universitas Negeri Medan


At this moment it is realized that the diminished knowledge of local culture is a guideline in community life. The increasingly advanced impact of science and technology makes cultural values less. There needs to be a relationship of science and technology that does not leave cultural values in the students so that life is aligned so that technological advancement is coupled with the cultural values inherent in the students. The presence of technology is not a barrier for students to create and innovate. Rather, students can train students to convey positive new ideas and not contradict the culture of the community. One of the patterns of kinship adopted from the value of Batak culture contains many positive and good elements that can be used as a role model in the use of technology. Making the use of technology is growing by having a cultural corridor that can align in its development and use in both the digital world though. In this study gave birth to a visual learning media that collaborated with the values of Batak culture. The research is using the 4 D Thiaganrajan development model consisting of Define, Design, Development and Dissemination. The validation results of three experts consisting of material experts, design experts and media experts with a very decent category. Once validated by the three experts, the media tested on two groups of small groups and large groups by demonstrating the effectiveness of the media.

Keywords: Visual learning Media, Indonesian language, Batak culture "Dalihan Na Tolu"

Topic: Multimedia and Technology Information

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/4BMxD7g8zuZy

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