MORES 2019 Conference

The correlation beetwen vascular risk factors and theprevalance of ischemic stroke in young adults in RSAU Salamun and RSUD Al Ihsan Bandung
Alya Tursina1,3R.Anita Indrianti,2Waya Nurruhyuliawati4

1Departemen Neuroanatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Islam Bandung, Indonesia
2Departemen Farmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Islam Bandung, Indonesia
3Departemen Neurology, SalamunHopital, Bandung, Indonesia
4Departemen Neurology, Al Ihsan Hospital, Bandung, Indonesia

Corespondingemail : alyanuryadin[at]


The incidence of young adult stroke increase in various countries. Disadvantage due to stroke are more severe in patients who are younger than older. The increase in incidencyof stroke in young adults contribute a burden on sufferers and the state due to decrease in quality of life and less productive. The appropriate prevention is done by reducing vascular risk factors that can cause ischemic stroke. The research aims to determine the correlation of vascular risk factors with the prevalence of stroke in young adults. The research is a quantitative study with descriptive method and cross-sectional design. Data analysis uses frequency distribution. The data used and resumes of medical records of patients who are inpatient at the neurology ward in RSAU Salamun and RSUD Al Ihsan Bandung from August 2016 until August 2018. Afterward data classified by age, gender and risk factors. The results of this research found the risk factors for female was the same risk of stroke as men with at the most age of 36-40 years. The vascular risk factors from the result of this research increased blood sugar level, hypertension and dyslipidemia were less significant in causing the occurrence of ischemic stroke at a young age while gout was at risk for causing ischemic stroke at a young age. The early detection of risk factors becomes very important to prevent the occurance of young adult.

Keywords: vascular risk factors, ischemic stroke, young adults

Topic: Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences


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