INCITEST 2019 Conference

A Study on Designing Authorization Procedures for Multi-Channel and Public Participation Based Population Administration System
A Setiawan (abc), YY Kerlooza (bd)

a) Master of Information Systems, Faculty Of Post Graduate
b) Universitas Komputer Indonesia
Jl. Dipati Ukur No. 112-116, 40132, Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
c) ageng.setiawan[at]
d) kerlooza[at]


This paper proposes authorization scenarios for updating population data systems that involve public participation through several different telecommunications channels, called Multi-Channel and Public Participation (MPP)-Based Population Administration System. This paper reveals a number of important technical aspects that arise and must be considered in the authorization scenario. This paper also discusses broadly the authorization techniques that have been used separately in many previous cases. Conformity between important technical aspects and authentication methods that are commonly used in system implementations is the basis for supporting the implementation of authorization scenarios. The proposed authorization scenario is to utilize a combination of Claim-Based and Multi-Factor authentication techniques because it has a match between important aspects and technical authentication. The combination of authentication techniques in the authorization procedure is able to verify and validate and determine the role of those who wish to collaborate in the service process.

Keywords: Multi-channel architecture; Standard operation procedure; Authorization; Authentication claim-bases and multi-factor

Topic: Informatic and Information System


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