ICoSI 2019 Conference

Dewi Rokhmah1, Imas Imama2, Nita Indah Lestari3, Ahmad Aviv Mahda4, Icha Rohmah D. A.5

1Department of Health Promotion and Behaviour Science, Public Health Faculty University of Jember
2,3,4,5Magister of Public Health Science, Post Graduate University of Jember


Based on data from the results of existing studies and references indicate that incidents of GTS incidence in tobacco farmers is quite high. On the other hand, research related to GTS disease is still minimal. In addition, tobacco farmers are also not many who know very well about GTS. Whereas according to Soemitro (2014), good knowledge and sufficient income can be associated with a good health literacy as well. The purpose of this study was to conduct research on the relationship between duration of work, smoking status, knowledge of GTS, and personal hygiene with GTS status of tobacco farmers, as well as education, knowledge of GTS, income and GTS status of tobacco farmers with health literacy. This research used analytic observational method with cross sectional approach design. The research was conducted in Mayang Sub-district of Jember Regency in October 2017. The sampling technique used purposive sampling method with 30 samples of tobacco farmers. Data analysis used was univariate analysis and bivariate analysis using Chi-square test with SPSS 22 software. The results showed that the radio became the most source of information by 53.3%. While the source of health information from the internet was never reached by all respondents. Health literacy identification showed that 83.3% had poor Health literacy, 16.7% others had sufficient health literacy and no respondents had a good health literacy. The statistical results show that there is a significant relationship between the length of work, knowledge of GTS, personal hygiene with GTS status. While smoking status (p = 0,273) there is no significant relationship with GTS status. The level of education (p = 0.0001) and the knowledge of GTS (p = 0,000) have a significant relationship with health literacy. Health counseling and discussion to be held more frequently by health workers, farmers groups and cooperation both, the distribution of health information about GTS using interesting media more evently to all spaces of the village.

Keywords: GTS (Green Tobacco Sickness), Health Literacy, Tobacco Farmers, Prevention Bihaviour

Topic: International Symposium of Engineering, Technology, and Health Sciences

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/HUn7dXVqw9NG

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