SIRES 2019 Conference

Thermal Effects on Sedimentary Rocks of Underground Coal Gasification Site on Musi Banyuasin (South Sumatera), Indonesia
Bagaraja Sirait

Research and Development Centre For Mineral and Coal Technology (tekMIRA). Bandung


UCG provides thermal effect on sedimentary rocks. Experiments on rocks, consisting of sandstone, siltstone and claystone are needed to study about their behaviour related to the effect of high temperature. The study aimed to investigate the behavior of the sedimentary rocks after heating and its influence on their strength. The experiments were carried out on laboratory scale. Rock specimens were heated at 50 – 6000C for 24 hours and tested with Uniaxial Compressive to determine the changes in rock strength. Measurements of geometric, density of the specimens and rock mass displacement analysis were performed. The specimens showed fractures because of the loss of water content. The most significant changes occured in sandstone specimens, the strength before heating was 15,64 MPa and increased to 41,70 MPa after heating. Claystone specimens was increased on the strength, from 6.76 MPa to 20.40 MPa. It revealed rock mass displacement 18.40 cm at the highest and 1.60 cm at the lowest (before heating). After heating, the rock mass obtained 9.45 cm (the highest) and 0.45 cm (the lowest). Results showed physical properties of specimens possed deflationary trends on their densities after heating treatment.

Keywords: thermal, sedimentary, rock,coal gasification, UCG

Topic: Mining Engineering


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