ICAST 2019 Conference

The body condition and reproduction performances of Bali cattle cows through the improved feeding in intensive management system
Sudirman Baco1*, Ratmawati Malaka1, Zulkharnaim1 , and Muhammad Hatta1

1Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Animal Science, Hasanuddin University, Makassar 90245 South Sulawesi, Indonesia

*e-mail address: sudirmanbaco[at]gmail.com; sudirmanbaco[at]unhas.ac.id


Abstract. Bali cows are native livestock in Indonesia which are widely farmed by farmers in eastern Indonesia, due to their high level of adaptation to the environment, but with traditional management, performance is very low. Therefore it is necessary to improve management through improved feed. A study was conducted to determine body condition and reproductive performance of Bali cattle in the breeding period with an intensive management system. A total of 15 dams of Bali cattle reared in a group pen with one head bull. The breeding system, which was implemented in a natural mating system, where the male bull was released together in one pen continuously. Concentrate feed was given 1.5 % of body weight of livestock and forage/grass ad-libitum. Parameters were observed included body condition score (BCS), the first postpartum estrus, pregnancy rate and service per conception (S/C). The results showed that the improvement of feeding the management in the breeding period after calving: 1) improving the body condition of the dams from 5.40.8 to 6.31.0 during the first 3 months with an intensive maintenance system and 6.70.8 during the first 6 months of maintenance. 2) The first estrus post parturition was 64.531.5 days. 3) Gestation/ pregnancy rate for 3 months in the improved feeding on the intensive rearing was 53.8% with S/C 2.20.5 and 100% pregnancy rates with S/C 2.50.8 during the first 6-months in the improved feeding on the maintained intensive system.

Keywords: Keywords: Body condition score (BSC), Post Partum Estrus (PPE), Service per Conception (S/C), Bali Cattle, Intensive Management System (IMS).

Topic: Breeding and livestock production

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/U9FPuxXamCKy

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