MORES 2019 Conference

Evaluation of Minimum Mental Health Service Standards : Service Of Patient with Mental Disorder post Shackled Between Expectations and Realities.
Arif Widodo (email :

Nursing Study Program – Health Science Faculty – Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta, Indonesia


Foreword, Minimum service standards (MSS) in the health sector are a reference for district / city governments in providing health services entitled to be obtained at a minimum level by every citizen. Every person with a mental disorder (PwMD) has the right to get the minimum service according to the standard provided by doctors and nurses in the civil health center working area. The results of this study are; 1) the good commitment revealed by the head of the District Health Office by implementing some good policies in order to improve community mental health, but unfortunately they are still at limited common policies. 2) Minimum mental health service standards have not yet been carried out, 3) The implementation of health promotion involved families and the community. Conclusion: MSS mental health has not been done in accordance with the community expectations. The community expects that mental health services can be carried out at the nearest Civil Health Center. Suggestion: MSS mental health needs to bemore optimized by involving nurses, other health workers and the community.

Keywords: Minimum service standards, Mental health services, shackled

Topic: Public Health and Occupational Health


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