MORES 2019 Conference

melisa ramadhani, Fanny Septiani Farhan

Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta


Background: Stroke is the third largest disease after heart disease and cancer, and the disease is the highest cause of disability in the world. Data from South East Asian Medical Information Centre (SEAMIC) note that the greatest stroke mortality occurred in Indonesia, followed by the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, and Thailand. Post-stroke disability can be motoric disorders, sensory, autonomic and cognitive disorders. Cognitive impairment caused by stroke can cause interference, such as language disorders, memory, visuospatial, attention, orientation, cognition and emotion. Objective: To investigate impaired cognitive function in stroke patients in departement of neurology, Jakarta Islamic Hospital. Methods: This research is quantitative with cross-sectional design in stroke patients in poly nerve in the Islamic Hospital in Jakarta, Cempaka Putih in September-November 2015 using MoCA-INA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment Version Indonesia) to determine whether or not the function Cognitive respondents take effect. The data were analyzed using univariate to describe each variable. Results: The results of a total of 83 patients with stroke, ischemic stroke is the most common with 75 respondents (90.4%) and with a total of 76 respondents (91.6%) positive impaired cognitive function. For ages, range 55-64 years become the most with 29 respondents (34.9). Under the category of gender, men are more with 47 respondents (56.6%). At the elementary school level is the highest with a total of 22 respondents (26.5%). Conclusion: Based on these results, patients with stroke in Poli Neural Jakarta Islamic Hospital Cempaka Putih, 76 respondents (91.6%) positive impaired cognitive function. Health Waiters are expected to perform routine screening for cognitive function tests for stroke patients in order to diagnose early and assist patients in overcoming the signs and symptoms of cognitive decline

Keywords: Stroke, Cognitive Function Disorders, MoCA-INA

Topic: Infectious and Non Infectious Diseases


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