SIRES 2019 Conference

Cirebon Palaces in Cosmology Perspective
Ina Helena Agustina;Astri Mutia Ekasari; Irland Fardani; Hilwati Hindersah

Urban and regional Planning, Faculty Of Engineering , UNISBA


The palaces in Cirebon has been established since the 13th century, and still show its existence until now. Then ancient customs and traditions are still practiced until today. The palaces are located along the Java Sea cost and facing northward, which becomes the position maintained by the three palaces. The position of the tombs of the kings is located on Mount Sembung is the north part of the three palaces. There are sacred spaces scattered in various locations outside also within the palace. The sacrality of space and the findings of previous studies show that Palaces in Cirebon have the cosmology perspective within its spatial system. Thus, the aim of this paper is to describe cosmological exploration of the Cirebon palaces. The approach taken is a qualitative method from the findings of previous studies, especially those related to the space system that is formed. Then a dialogue on cosmological theory was conducted. The result of this study is the findings of cosmological results from the location and position of the palaces in Cirebon. The results are expected to give consideration to spatial policy especially for the development of the space in Cirebon.

Keywords: Cirebon Palaces; Cosmology; Spaces

Topic: Urban and Regional Planning


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