SemnasPKM 2019 Conference

Improving Durian Fruit Through Cultivation Technology In The Tani Group In Yeh Sumbul-Jembrana Village
Ir. Made Sri Yuliartini, M.Si ; Ir. Luh Kartini, M.Si; Dr. Ir. Ni Putu Anom Sulistiawati, M.Si

Universitas Warmadewa


This activity was carried out at the "MELATI" Farmer Group in Yeh Sumbul Village, Mendoyo District-Jembrana Regency, Bali. Yeh Sumbul Village is a plantation area and is a center for producing horticultural products, one of which is durian fruit. Durian plants have a pretty good business opportunity, the selling price is quite high, the taste is delicious and the fruit flesh is legit and has a distinctive aroma. The development of durian plants in the whole area of Yeh Sumbul Village is very varied and increases from year to year where durian plants are in an intercropping system with other types of plants so that maintenance is not focused and yields are low and farmers do not really understand good cultivation techniques so the quality and quantity of yields is still low. The purpose of this activity is first to provide counseling material on how the technology of durian plant cultivation is correct and appropriate. The second held direct practice in farmer groups on how to fertilize and prune the durian plants. From this activity, the output target to be achieved is the training participants from the farmer groups who are able and understand how to cultivate durian plants correctly and appropriately so that later it can provide high quality and quantity of results and farmers income can increase. Implementation of community service activities, extension materials, training and mentoring in the field. The results have been obtained that farmers understand and want to do environmental sanitation, prune pruning for the formation of plants that are planted in the backyard and only one year old, and fertilize using organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers. Durian plants in old gardens, which are mixed with other fruit plants, are carried out more on cleaning the environment around plants, fertilizing before rain falls because the terrain is hilly so watering depends only on rain water. For the Kani durian plant is pruning and fertilizing and irrigating because the plant is only five years old and planted on the edge of the garden, so it is still affordable for irrigation.

Keywords: Durian Plants, Cultivation Technology Input, Farmer Groups

Topic: Ekowisata


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