ICEMINE 2019 Conference

Edgie Yuda Kaesti, Mia Ferian Helmy, Muhammad Zakiy Yusrizal

Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Yogyakarta


The production method of MEZ-1, MEZ-2 and MEZ-3 wells produce is a natural flow. However, during the fluid production process from the reservoir to the surface on the oil field, the production rate is decline because of the decrease in reservoir pressure. The decrease in the production rate was due to the bottom hole pressure not being able to lift the production fluid to the surface. Another factor is due to the influence of the production fluid phases which is flowed to the surface, which will affect the rate of oil production obtained. Therefore, optimization is needed to increase the rate of production in these wells. Production optimization conducted by changing the production method using artificial lifts. In optimizing production, the thing that needs to be considered is screening criteria from the artificial lift that is in accordance with the condition of the wells. The first thing to do in optimizing production is collecting and validating field data, then identifying reservoir types and behavior. Therefore, determine the formation of productivity, namely productivity index and inflow performance relationship (IPR). Calculating the MEZ-1 and MEZ-3 wells IPR using the Pseudo Steady State Method and the MEZ-2 well using the Vogel Method. Furthermore, calculating the existing wells and determining the desired production rate, then screening the criteria for the lifting method. The replacement of production methods on the "MEZ" field is carried out by artificial lift methods, namely Electric Submersible Pump (ESP). The selection of artificial lift methods will be used by looking at the screening criteria of each artificial lift method that is in accordance with the well condition on the "MEZ" field and found that in the "MEZ" field well the production method replacement optimization is carried out using ESP. According to ESP artificial lift method criteria are ESP can be operated at a high rate, high GOR, good in deviated wells. ESP planning on the "MEZ" field considering the amount of free gas produced, other than that calculating the sensitivity of pump intake pressure to various prices of production rates and Turpin values to determine the price of the optimum production rate for each well.

Keywords: production optimization; artificial lift, electric submersible pump

Topic: Petroleum and Geothermal Engineering


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