MORES 2019 Conference

Improving Mental Health Literacy Using Board Game for Young People in Bandung
Titik Respati and Eko Nugroho

Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Islam Bandung , Bandung, Indonesia
Kummara Game Studio, Bandung, Indonesia


Mental health problems in Indonesia are very important public health problems. Stigma on people with mental health disorders is one of the inhibiting factors that needs to be minimized. Adolescents are a group that needs to get this knowledge but become a group that has not received special treatment. The study aims to develop interactive approach (gamification) to support the socialization process and increase understanding on mental health. This is a pre-posttest study design using Carpe Diem Board Game. A total of 24 participants recruited through a purposive sampling and participated in the board game trial. Pre and post-test using the Depression Literacy focuses on two aspects: personal views related to depression and stigma as well as personal beliefs about the views of the surrounding environment related to depression and sigma. The results showed the learning process based on the game gives significant results at each point (pre and posttest changes). When the results of the post-test give little value is an indication that the learning process based on carpe diem that has been done is able to provide understanding and minimize the stigma associated with depression. It is concluded that indicate that game-based learning has an effect although some area still need improvement.

Keywords: Mental health, Adolescent, Carpe Diem Board Game, Indonesia

Topic: Public Health and Occupational Health


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