ISLLCE 2019 Conference

Aryuni Salpiana Jabar1, Marzuki Iswandi2, Anas Nikoyan³, Jamaluddin Hos4

1 Mahasiswa Pascasarjana UHO
2 Dosen pada Jurusan Ilmu Pertanian, PASCASARJANA-UHO
³ Dosen pada Jurusan Ilmu Pertanian, PASCASARJANA-UHO
4 Dosen pada Jurusan Sosiologi, PASCASARJANA-UHO


The implementation of agrarian reform should be directed at the achievement of agrarian transformation as the ultimate goal of implementing agrarian reform. Interestingly, the achievement of agrarian transformation is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, because various things influence each other in the effort to achieve the agrarian transformation. The social relationship between agrarian subjects is one of the crucial things in it, because the implementation of agrarian reform involves various parties involved as agrarian subjects. The agrarian subjects are interrelated with one another in efforts to manage agrarian resources. Differences in interests between agrarian subjects in the management of one and the same agrarian source often lead to dissociative social processes. The collaborative approach in the social relations of agrarian subjects becomes a necessity as a bridge to cross the boundaries of multisectoral relations in order to achieve collective goals which ultimately lead to the achievement of agrarian transformation. This paper intends to examine the importance of collaboration in implementing agrarian reform to achieve agrarian transformation.

Keywords: Agrarian reform, agrarian transformation and collaboration

Topic: Culture


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