SIRES 2019 Conference

UTILIZATION OF POST MINING LAND TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Learn from Cibeureun Wetan Village, Sumedang, West Java Province
Ernawati Hendrakusumah, Atih Dariah

Universitas Islam Bandung


The purpose of this study was to identify post-mining land use practices in Cibeureum Village, Cimalaka District, Sumedang Regency, West Java Province. This area is rich in mining natural resources, especially the C-quarry mine. Even though various regulations regarding mining land exploitation are available, in reality there have been many neglections of these lands after mining. However, it is different from what happened in the village of Cibeureum, the land at the foot of Mount Tampomas, in which there are deposits of sand and rock mining, post-mining can still be used for agricultural activities by the land reclamation method conducted by the local community. This paper will describe how local communities have a concern in utilizing post-mining land through the reclamation method? What factors drive local people to want to use post-mining land? The analysis was carried out through participatory observation methods, focus group discussions, and in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholders. The results showed that the main thing underlying it was the existence of a collective awareness of the community to be able to live as a form of pious charity because of Allah SWT.

Keywords: Collective awareness in land reclamation.

Topic: Urban and Regional Planning


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