SemnasPKM 2019 Conference

Ni Made Ayu Gemuh Rasa Astiti, Ni Ketut Sri Rukmini, Anak Agung Sagung Putri Risa Andriani

Program Studi Peternakan, Fakultas Pertanian, Universitas Warmadewa


The activity was carried out at the Sembung Mengwi Badung Village Farmer Group. The aim of which is to get an understanding of partnerships in applying fermented animal feed technology to cattle business. Participants are given knowledge about the theory and practice related to the application of straw feed technology. From this activity, the output targets to be supported are partners who receive, carry out and have the ability to apply efficient, effective and practical straw feed technology to cattle and their impact on improving development, growth and appearance of cattle for the better and healthier. The method used to achieve these objectives is to provide management training, production management, and making fermented rice straw (silage). These business activities are carried out to improve the ability to manage businesses efficiently and safely by increasing land use, utilizing local resources by maximizing the potential of internal partners and regional potentials such as the manufacture, supply of natural food and animal feed production. In realizing the achievement of program targets, in addition to training, partners are also carried out in accordance with discussions conducted under the guidance of field staff and the implementation team as well as executors appointed as debriefing according to program needs. In practice or program implementation, partners will make animal feed into silage with the principle of cost efficiency. Thus, it is expected that a Partner who is competitive and beneficial for economic growth and according to the work plan of Sembung Village, Badung Regency, Bali is based on organic, which is safe and inexpensive and capable of supporting government programs on organic and environmentally friendly agriculture (Go-Organic).

Keywords: Bali Mains Cattle, Fermented Straw, Sembung Village.

Topic: Ekowisata


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