ICIST 2019 Conference

Prediction effective battery capacity of cellular BTS for an effective maintenance
Muhammad Burhanudin Harijadi; Trias Andromeda; Maman Somantri

Diponegoro University


A cellular base transceiver station (BTS) systems must be operated continuously in transmitting signals to the mobile stations. Reliability operation must be performed by this BTS to serve users without any interruptions. In several cases the BTS are found failed due to several disturbances that occurred during operation. One of the disturbances is caused by electrical energy supply interruptions. Although the cellular BTS power supply system is usually equipped by battery as a secondary power supply, the reliability can be influenced by the health of the battery. The health of battery is inclined by instability of main electricity supply, temperature fluctuation of the battery environment, increment of battery aging, the number of charging and discharging cycles (CDC), and the number depth of discharging conditions (DOD) that occurred. The impact of these factors will affect to the strength of battery. This paper proposes an investigation method to the battery health to ensure the performance of BTS. The method is applied by considering the charging and discharging characteristics of the battery. Since the characteristic signals are not linear, the calculation is performed using fuzzy method. Early results show that this prediction method can be applied to support maintenance work. The proposed method gives an overview of the battery health that can be followed up by technician to ensure the reliability of the BTS.

Keywords: Cellular, energy, battery, capacity, fuzzy

Topic: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/kjgyJeF7nhWT

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