ICIST 2019 Conference

Survey of Smart Parking Application Deployment
Dian Nugraha, Falah Y. H. Ahmed, M. Irsyad Abdullah, Md. Gapar Md. Johar

Faculty of Information Science & Engineering Management and Science University, Shah Alam, Malaysia,


Abstract—Number of vehicles continues to increase in the urban place parallel with the infrastructure advancement. The increase of vehicles on road causes various problems and obstacles to find an empty parking slot. This problem often causes congestion, waste more effort and time-consuming process especially during rush hours when many people are driving for various reasons. In this paper, we explore the concept of smart parking based on the application of their categories and explain the classification from various parking support technologies. Present developed parking system supported by various technologies and the category. Classified the application function of this survey. The application of this smart parking application might assist in reducing congestion and other issue by manage the parking process. Achieve the key objective of this research as stated by various scientist and researcher to deliver an advanced parking system. Conducted by developing an application interface base on a mobile, desktop and web. It is an excellent determination for the parking management to deliver a real-time information update on the parking area, which is the point of interest as an improvement to the existing system and research.

Keywords: Keywords—Smart Parking, Parking Problem, Mobile application, Desktop Application, Web Application.

Topic: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/m2k6Kyp9dMfu

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