ICTBHRsG 2019 Conference

Demokrasi Pancasila as a Third Ideology: Negation of Western Securalism and Islamic Caliphate
Dr. Mardi Adi Armin, M.Hum

Faculty of Cultural Studies, Universitas Hasanuddin


Pancasila is a state ideology that has been formulated by founding father who has been founded from the phenomenon of Indonesian national life itself. As a state ideology, Pancasila is not based on certain religions and races such as Islamic ideology, Christian ideology nor is it a secular ideology that separates religion from state. It is different from secular states where religion is a private matter and on Islamic ideology where theocracy is the basis of state. Pancasila summarizes and guarantees the right of every citizen to practice a religion and belief. Until now the Pancasila Ideology has been proven able to unite the nation and state and will be proven in the future. In the current ideological conflict between the ideology of the left, namely socialism and communism with the right ideology of conservative and ultra-nationalism, Pancasila appears as the third ideology, which is close to social democracy. With its five principles, Pancasila animates all aspects of national and state life of Indonesian people.

Keywords: Pancasila, Third Ideology, nation, secular, theocracy

Topic: Democracy, Constitution, and Globalization

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/nGvYdPhN96Rz

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