GCBME 2019 Conference

Social Capital and Entrepreneurial Motives among Students in Indonesia
Tetep (1*), Ade Suherman(1), Galih Abdul Fatah Maolani (2), Yuyun Susanti (3)

Institut Pendidikan Indonesia (1)
Universitas Garut (2)
Universitas Galuh (3)


Social capital is a social networks concept that can develop one-s life capacities. Framed under a case study research, this study analyzed social capital factors in relation to entrepreneurial motivation for undergraduate students in East Preanger, West Java, Indonesia. This study used a quantitative approach with multiple regression analysis. The results showed that the norms and values in communication and human network systems had a significant effect on the undergraduate students- entrepreneurial motivation in East Preanger, West Java, Indonesia. Better social capital provides the impetus to increase and develop entrepreneurial motivation. The capacity to support today-s entrepreneurial motivation is the development online social capital.

Keywords: Social Capital, entrepreneurial motivation

Topic: Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Human Resources Management

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/nhD98YqERvxF

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