ICEBEES 2019 Conference

Implementing Lean in Operating Theatre; Reducing Waste of Medical Inventories
A. Heri Iswanto, Gatot Soeryo Koesoemo

Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta


Objective – This research aims to assess the results of lean implementation in reducing the cost of medical Inventories in the operating theatre of a hospital in Indonesia. These results can be used as a motivation to extend implementation to other aspects of overall operating Theatre and hospital management. Method – Resource inventory to build management commitment, willingness to share data, and information of implementation history was the initial stage of research. Furthermore, the research was conducted by applying 5S methodology to medical Inventories in the operating theatre of RSIA Grand Family, Jakarta. The 5S procedure then was evaluated using descriptive and inferential statistics. The inferential statistics used was Wilcoxon Signed Rank test. Findings – Lean implementation that was carried out successfully reduced inventory costs to an average of Rp 331,555,768 per month in three months after lean implementation, from Rp 381,140,031 per month in the previous three months before lean implementation. This means that there is a cost reduction of 13.01%. Furthermore, the number of medical Inventories items was reduced by an average of 12.45%. Research Implications – This research has a number of limitations. First, this research was conducted on the aspect of medical Inventories from the operating theatre. Second, this research was still on a small scale and only evaluated the cost aspect of medical Inventories. Practical Implications – Lean implementation can be carried out in the context of hospital medical Inventories. Therefore, health care providers can try to implement lean in an effort to reduce inventory costs to improve efficiency in improving health services. Originality/ Value – There is still little empirical research on the lean implementation on medical Inventories in the operating theatre. Future research can replicate this research on a broader scale.

Keywords: lean implementation, waste of inventory, operating theatre, health service

Topic: Economics


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