MORES 2019 Conference

Numerical simulation for tumor growth kinetics to predict respon of Chemotheraphy drugs
Irma Palupi (a), Annisa Aditsania (a)

a) School of Computing, Telkom University
Jl.Telekomunikasi No.1, Kabupaten Bandung.


We model the growth of tumor cell in the microscopic point of view by using logistic type of Ordinary Differential Equation. Our model consider proliferative and quiescence type of cell including what we call angiogenic capacity. The parameters of the model will be adjusted by comparing to the experimental data of Ehrlich and fibrosarcoma Sa-37. After obtaining a relevant model, we develop a numerical scheme to simulate effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs to block or to kill proliferative of Tumor cell population.

Keywords: Chemotheraphy respon, Tumor population growth kinetics, Ehrlich and fibrosarcoma Sa-37

Topic: Biomedical and Health Technology


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