GCBME 2019 Conference

Organizational Commitment at Manufacturing Industries in West Java, and its Implication on Empolyee Performance
Zulki Zulkifli Noor (a), Nandan Limakrisna (b*)

a) Universitas Jayabaya Jakarta, Indonesia
b*) Universiats Persada Indonesia YAI Jakarta and Universitas Winaya Mukti Bandung, Indonesia


Manufacturing indistries have done bureaucratic reform, wrong one element set back is resources issues improve our mankind. So the importance of human resources factors it makes company management doing improvement human resources in the area. All restructuring the management be done to improve of employee performance. The purpose of this research is building the model of commitment organization and employee performance. This research took samples from 171 employees. The kind of research in writing this is descriptive and association causal relationships. Data processing used namely by SPSS ver 5 pm. Research instruments consisting of engineering data analysis and the hypothesis. The results of the study states that contribution competence, leadership and commitment to explain employee performance is of 81.6 %. And explained that competence, leadership and commitment awarded to an employee together or simultaneous had links and real impact of the performance of employees .

Keywords: Competence, leadership, commitment, performance

Topic: Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Human Resources Management

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/vj4ktDeufAJH

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