ICAST 2019 Conference

Analysis of Farmers Satisfaction on the Services Quality of Cattle Insurance Program in Manuju District, Gowa Regency
A Annisa, M Ridwan and T Rasyid

Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar, Indonesia


The Livestock and Animal Health Service Office of South Sulawesi Province stated that in 2017 beef cattle in Gowa Regency registered in insurance reached 1,367, while in 2018 decreased significantly to 1,140. The decrease in number of insured cattle indicates a decrease in the number of farmers participating in the insurance program. This study aims to determine the Satisfaction Index of cattle farmers on the services quality of Cattle Insurance Program in Manuju District, Gowa Regency. This study was conducted from May to July 2019 with a type of descriptive quantitative research. The sample used was 50 participants who are/were insurance participants. The data collected through literature study, interviews and questionnaires. The data analysed with two methods of Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Importance Performance Analysis (IPA). The results indicate that the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) of farmers is 68.49% which included in the category of Good. The top priority attributes in service quality of Cattle Insurance Program, namely Punctuality of claims payment, Management of administration and Clarity of CIP information.

Keywords: Satisfaction Index, Service Quality, Insurance, Beef Cattle

Topic: Socio-economic of animal science

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/wrFbdv73BXhE

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