ICoSI 2019 Conference

The Miracle of the Holy Qur-an In the Digital and Philosophical Thinking Construction
Muh. Naim Madjid, S.S., M.I.S., Ph.D.

Department of Arabic Education, Faculty of Language Education,
Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.


In the digital era, all aspects of human life are constructed by digital system. In the religious side for example, every Muslim around the world can listen and watch the religious sermon and lectures and obtain information stored in the cyber-space easily. In the era of the Companions, the holy book (al- Qur-an) was written on the fronds of palm, and was recorded and compiled into the printed version. Nowdays, Muslim society can recite the Qur-an on the smartphone screen by online. The digital system also has formed the way of thinking of the people in expression of something. They look that the interpretation of the Qur-an is the opened space for every Muslim to explain and disclosure the miracle of the holy Qur-an through accessibility in the virtual network.The problem is how they construct their minds in interpreting the Qur-anic texts towards an integrated pattern? This paper will discuss the right formula into analysing the meaning of the Qur-an based on the digital thinking and philosophycal perception. It will work at selected verses and adopt the descriptive approach to achieve the targeted. As the finding, digital and philosophical thinking is an accurate technic and method to discover the beauty and the miracle of the holy Qur-an and a solution that can be trusted to deal with the people-s problems in the digital era.

Keywords: Miracle; Digital; Philosophical; Thinking; Construction.

Topic: International Conference on Islamic Studies in the Digital Era

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/xFvQYbXqLp6u

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