SIRES 2019 Conference

Pineapple Peel As An Alternative To Fuel Solutions In Indonesia
A.Harits Nu-man (a), L. Nurwandi (a), I. Bahtiar (a), S. Omar (b)

(a) Universitas Islam Bandung
(b) University Utara Malaysia


Fuel is a main staple consumption of the industry, especially in Indonesia which is an industrial zone. The worlds fuel availability comes from fossils only remaining about seventy years, Indonesia is expected to stay for another fifty years the fuel reserve will be depleted. Fuel utilization in Industrial ERA 4.0 focused more in the supply chain distribution of goods and services, ranging from supply actors to the consumer. Distribution utilizing gasoline-fueled vehicles to transport goods and services, where the role will be increasing in the future. With regard to the phenomenon, It is important to find a New solutions for generating fuel, to support the development activities of goods and services distribution. Gasoline is one of the most common fuel types used, to support the distribution of goods and services. One component of gasoline subtitution is ethanol or methanol that can be produced from pineapple peel, through the fermentation process into a fuel called bio-fuel. In this study will be discussed about the usefulness of pineapple peel, as an alternative to the future shortage of gasoline fuel solutions. The condition is supported with pineapple availability, which placed In the thirteen provinces in Indonesia, With plantation land reaching two million hectares. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is used to see the skin value of pineapple, that converted into petrol fuel by the public, by observing the culinary dimension of the service, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empahaty, and tangible. The results of research that took the area in West Java especially Subang regency, show that the community in plantation areas, have not had the awareness of utilizing pineapple as fuel, both for household and industrial activities. The phenomenon is demonstrated by low responsiveness, assurance and emphaty weights, so it is important that people are given a value awareness that can be obtained, of pineapple peels as a value added garbage as an alternative to fuel solutions, to fulfill the needs of household or industrial-making of pineapple dodol, in addition to reducing organic waste derived from the industry dodol pineapple, that available so much in the environment in which they live.

Keywords: Pineaple Peel, AHP, Solution, Fuel, Service Quality

Topic: Industrial Engineering


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