SIRES 2019 Conference

Traffic Engineering Simulation of Campus Area Transportation Using MATLAB SimEvents
Erwin Harahap (a*), Farid H Badruzzaman (a), Yurika Permanasari (a), M Yusuf Fajar (a), Abdul Kudus (b)

(a) Department of Mathematics, Universitas Islam Bandung, Indonesia

(b) Department of Statistics, Universitas Islam Bandung, Indonesia


Traffic Congestion occurs because of the high number of transportation equipment that is not proportional to the limited capacity of the highway. This condition often occurs in densely populated areas with high levels of community mobilization. This situation generally occurs in the campus environment. The smooth traffic system in the campus environment is one of the parameters of the orderly traffic community, besides the feasibility of facilities and the capacity of the highway around the campus. Traffic jams around the campus generally occur because of various campus activities including crossing the road, parking vehicles, and others. This congestion is also influenced by activities outside the campus such as the entry and exit of vehicles to an agency, the number of public vehicles that pass, and others. In this paper a number of alternative solutions are proposed for solving congestion problems through a traffic engineering simulation and run using the SimEvents MATLAB application. It is hoped that this method can be obtained and evaluated analytically regarding the accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency of the methods and design of a traffic engineering. This traffic engineering simulation was built based on queuing theory which is one of the fields of Mathematics.

Keywords: transportation, campus, simulation, traffic-engineering, simevents-matlab

Topic: Urban and Regional Planning


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