ICMScE 2019 Conference

Analysing the Cognitive Competence of Grade XI Students Regarding the Acid-Base Titration Topic through a Project- Based Learning Model
A Fuady1*, W Wahyu2, dan W Sopandi2

1Program Studi Magister Pendidikan Kimia, Sekolah Pasca Sarjana, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No. 229, Bandung 40154, Indonesia


2,2 Departemen Pendidikan Kimia, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No. 229, Bandung 40154, Indonesia


The purpose of this research is to analyze the cognitive competence of grade XI students in learning acid-base titration topic through a Project- Based Learning. This research is conducted in a private high school located in the West of Bandung. The participants consist of 33 grade XI students, 2 Chemistry teachers, and 2 supervisors that are knowledgeable in terms of the Project- based-Learning model. A tool that is used in this research is a written multiple-choice test that has been validated by an advanced professor. Moreover, this research is based on Greivemeijer method as well as Cobb Design- Based Research (DBR) that is made up of 3 phases including: Design initiation, Experiment Design, and Retrospective Analysis. The increase of cognitive competence is calculated using N- gain. Results of the data analysis based on the pre test and post test of the grade XI students from the said private high school regarding the acid and base titration topic, reflects that the Project-Based Learning model allowed an increase in cognitive competence of the students. Students of medium category have an N- gain average of (49,68 %).

Keywords: Cognitive competence, Acid-base titration, Project-based learning

Topic: Chemistry Education

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/y6wnM2rHPCmj

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