ICMScE 2019 Conference

Constructing Ecology Learnings Lesson Plan for Guide Students on Achieve Scientific Literacy
Adib Rifqi Setiawan

Madrasah Tasywiquth Thullab Salafiyyah (TBS), KH. Turaichan Adjhuri No.23, Kudus, 59315, Indonesia


Scientific literacy indicates that science has value outside scientific practice. This idea and reality is hardly modern, although we lose sight of this history. Unfortunately, PISA study at 1999-2015 and several works on that periods, has shows that common science teachings dont optimally guide students to achieve scientific literacy. As matter of fact, the answer to what is best teaching method to achieve scientific literacy has not been obtained yet. By proposing this work, we are consider that scientific approaches to teaching encompass a range of models as alternatives to guide students on achieve scientific literacy. This work constructs lesson plan for guide students on achieve scientific literacy in ecology learning, used R&D approach four-D model that reduced into three stages: define, design, and develop. It gained lesson plan, students worksheets, also scientific literacy test as well, that validated by experts and practitioners and reliability counted based on test. The final test of any teaching methods lies, of course, in implementation. The implementation of this work is yet to do.

Keywords: ecology learning, lesson plan, scientific literacy, scientific literacy test, students worksheets

Topic: Biology Education

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/ybtvKgG6wmYn

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