ICECE 2019 Conference

Development Of Interactive Socio-Cultural Video In Learning In Kindergarten

Padang State University


This article is a study that discusses the social media interactive video culture in learning in children. This research is a research and development approach to the learning device development model 4- D ( four D ). The research respondents were all students at Mutiara Bunda Kindergarten district of Lima Puluh Kota. The results of research based on observations made in kindergartens Mutiara Bunda of social-based learning have begun to be seen but have not been carried out structurally and the teacher has not adopted an approach that can make children interested in understanding social culture and the lack of media that supports social and cultural learning for young children. So that the implementation of social cultural-based learning activities is still limited to the application of cultural values in general.

Keywords: interactive video, socio-cultural learning, 4-D model

Topic: Use of information and communication (ICT) in Early Childhood Education


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