SIRES 2019 Conference

Determining of the Recharge Area of the Kalijati Industrial Park (KIP) Groundwater Aquifer, a Part of Subang Groundwater Basin, West-Java
Ashari, Y. (1), Pulungan, L.(1), Wijaksana, I.K(1)

1) Mining Engineering – Unisba


This research was conducted in Subang Groundwater Basin, West-Java, related to the prohibition of groundwater extraction in the Kalijati Industrial Park (KIP) area. This is because the area is considered as the reacharge zone of the groundwater basin. The purpose of this study is to determine whether KIP stands above the recharge zone or not, moreover, find out which part of the Basin that supplies groundwater aquifers of KIP. The method used in this study is applied of DRASTIC method using ArcGIS and conducting field research measuring the infiltration rate of soil formations at selected points in the Basin. The results of this study indicate that the KIP is indeed built on a recharge area, the soil where the KIP is established, has the ability to infiltrate rainwater. However, the results of more detailed observations of wellbore logs in this area, it is known that between the groundwater aquifer used in KIP and the infiltration zone of the ground surface is separated by impermeable clay layers. This ensures that there is no relationship between surface water infiltration and groundwater used by factories in the areas. Therefore, it is certain that the recharge area originates from other areas in the Basin.

Keywords: Aquifer, Recharge Area, Subang Groundwater Basin

Topic: Mining Engineering


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