ICCD 2019 Conference

Hendi Prihanto, Meiliyah Ariani, Dwi Prihatini, Watriningsih

Universitas Dr. Moestopo (Beragama)


Industrial Revolution 4.0 demands every person, in the modern era and full of digitalization to have advantages and uniqueness in order to lead them to win competitions. The existence of many kinds of accounting-based supporting software technology if used properly will bring its users to a profit that can not only minimize the risk of financial statements from materiality, but also the use of human resources. This PKM aims to provide understanding to all parties (the community, students and business people) so that they are skilled in bookkeeping using internet-based accounting software that is low at cost, practical, and safe in doing business. This is because at this time the business world is strongly influenced by information technology, so innovation and learning are needed for the community in advancing the understanding and use of IT. The results of the activity provides understanding and at the same time knowledge to users that will be used practically in business activities, so as to be able to contribute through its operations that help their business development through preparing precise and fast financial statements in providing information for decision making. This activity provides enormous benefits for the community, especially those who pursue entrepreneurial activities because they are effective in their implementation, for that it needs to be done on an ongoing basis in the future by using existing and newer software.

Keywords: “Jurnal” Accounting Software, TAM Theory, Industry 4.0

Topic: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/zkRWMfBQ6VKp

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