MORES 2019 Conference

Initial gamification project to increase mental health awareness for Indonesia youth
E. Nurhayati1, T. Respati1, E. Nugroho2, A. Shandriasti2, F.A. Yulianto1, B. Budiman1 & Y. Feriandi1

1Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Bandung Islamic University
2Kummara, Bandung


This paper presents a design and preliminary results of our initiatives to explore gamification approach to in-crease mental health awareness for Indonesian youth. Consider the current knowledge about mental health among youth in Indonesia, mixed method using both qualitative and quantitative approach was proposed as this research method. These approach is believed to be best to understand stigma on people with mental health disorder among youth.

Keywords: gamification approach, mental health awareness, disorder among youth

Topic: Public Health and Occupational Health


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