ICoFA 2019 Conference

Model of Livestock Communication Network as Plasma in Broiler Partnership in Malang District
Jaisy Aghniarahim Putritamara, Siti Azizah, Nanang Febrianto

Socioeconomics Department, Faculty of Animal science, University of Brawijaya


The research aims to analyze the pattern of farmer communication networks in partnerships and the role of farmers as one of the stakeholders in implementing communication within the institution. The number of research respondents as many as 10 taken with non-probability sampling method through snowball sampling found 5 farmers who partnered with the core of private companies and integrators. Data analysis using open software method with UCINET. Based on a survey that the majority of broiler farmers in Malang regency amount to 72% were farmers partnering with integrators compared to the core of private companies because the procurement of integartor livestock production facilities was able to adjust to the financial capabilities of farmers. The results of the study show that the degree of in degree in the communication of the farmer actors was on average higher than the outdegree which means that the role of the farmer as a communication actor in the partnership was very high that the farmer should be better able to determine the direction of business success. Communication between plasma and nucleus was very intense, even farmers have a high role in determining business, but the facts in the field of farmers have a high dependency on the core, with a value of 100% in degree while the value of out degree where the role to communicate and exchange information was that the farmer considers only the core able to provide good knowledge about on farm compared to other actors, with a value of 55.56%.

Keywords: Keywords : broiler, network, partnership, communication, plasma

Topic: Agroindustry and Agribusiness

Link: https://ifory.id/abstract-plain/hZ8wCx4AEpFc

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