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Greenation International Conference on Digital Multidisciplinary Study (GICDMS 2023)
Starts on 2023.07.29 for 1 days in Bandung
Organized by Universitas Winaya Mukti

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International Conference, Universitas Winaya Mukti, Bandung
Keywords: Agricultural business, Agricultural Cultivation, Agricultural technology, Business Management, Financial Management and Accounting, Human Resources Management, Macro and Micro Economic, Marketing Management, Operation and Production Management, Strategic Management

The 4th International Conference on Science, Mathematics, Environment and Education (ICoSMEE 2023)
Starts on 2023.07.28 for 3 days in Surakarta
Organized by Universitas Sebelas Maret

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International Conference, Universitas Sebelas Maret (Hybrid), Surakarta
Keywords: Environmental Education, Mathematics and Science Education, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, STEM and STEAM Education, Technology in Education

Starts on 2023.07.26 for 1 days in Bali
Organized by Universitas Warmadewa

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International Conference, Universitas Warmadewa, Bali
Keywords: Business in Tourism Development, Intellectual Property Rights, International Law, Law on Anti-Corruption and Asset Recovery, Law on Business, Business Competition, and Prohibition of Monopoly, Law on Immigration, Law on Investment, Law on Land and Environment, Law on Licenses and Labor, Law on Tourism, Law on Tourism Investment and Business Dispute Resolution, Law on Transportation, Local Wisdom (Customary Law), Sustainable Tourism

The 6th International Conference of Sport for Development and Peace (ICSDP 2023)
Starts on 2023.07.03 for 3 days in Bandung
Organized by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

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International Conference, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung
Keywords: Challenges in Sport and PE Values, Exercise Physiology, Physical Activity, Physical Education Values, Policy in Sports and Physical Education, Sport Values, Sports Management, Sports Medicine, Sports Nutrition

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