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The 1st Mercu Buana Ecobiz - Energy International Conference (ECOBIZ 2024)
Starts on 2024.07.23 for 2 days in Jakarta
Organized by Universitas Mercu Buana Jakarta

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International Conference, Sultan Hotel Jakarta (Hybrid), Jakarta
Keywords: Asset Management and Depreciation Policies, Auditing and Assurance Services for Energy Companies, Carbon Accounting and Emissions Reporting, Cost Accounting in Energy Production and Distribution, Energy Efficiency in Business Operations, Energy Infrastructure Investment and Financing, Energy Sector Financial Reporting Standards, Energy Security and Economic Stability, Energy Transition and Economic Resilience, Financial Modeling for Energy Investment Analysis, Financial Risk Management in Energy Markets, Gender Equality in the Energy Workforce, Global Energy Market Trends and Forecasts, Human Capital Development in the Energy Sector, Human Capital Metrics for Energy Performance, Innovations in Energy Business Models, Investment Appraisal Techniques for Energy Projects, Knowledge Management in Energy Organizations, Leadership Development for Energy Transition, Policy Frameworks for Energy Market Development, Remote Work and Digital Skills in Energy, Renewable Energy Investment Strategies, Skills Development for Energy Transition, Sustainability Accounting and Integrated Reporting, Sustainable Business Practices in the Energy Sector, Talent Retention Strategies in Energy Companies, Taxation and Regulatory Compliance in Energy Accounting, The Role of Digitalization in Energy Business, Workforce Diversity and Inclusion in Energy, Workplace Health and Well-being in Energy Sector, Youth Engagement in Sustainable Energy

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