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Abstract Topic: Education of History and International Exchange

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The Integration of Character Value in English Lesson Planning With Workshop Strategy on Tourism High School
Kammer Tuahman Sipayung

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Corresponding Author
Kammer Tuahman Sipayung

English Language Education
Faculty of Teacher Trainning, Universitas HKBP Nommensen
Medan, Indonesia

The objective of this study to improve the teachers competence on integrating character based on lesson plan. Workshop is one method that the researcher did to achive the aim. This research is school action research with quantitative and qualitative design. The data of this reseach are teachers competence in form of score (quantitative) and the teacher atitude (qualitative). The population of this research were English Teachers from vocational school, however the sample are tourism English Teacher (Purposive sampling). This research was conducted with two cycles. This research shown that, workshop can improve teachers competence to integrate value of character in lesson plan. In addition to that, there was an improvement of teachers atitude. This improvement can be seen from cycle one (4 teachers: good, 6 teachers: average, 12 teachers: poor) and two (20 teachers: good, 2 teachers: average) and also their entusiasm.

Tourism, Competence, Character value

Education of History and International Exchange


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