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The Benefits of Dark Tourism Experience among Visitors
Aziean Jamin, Zainab Mohd Zain, Siti Rosnita Sakarji, Nurbarirah Ahmad & Raja Mayang Delima Mohd Beta

Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia


Tourists are continuously searching for new trends, exciting ways of travelling and a variety of adrenaline rush experiences. Dark tourism is one of many examples of tourism products that able to fulfil these objectives. Although Malaysia has many dark tourism sites, they are not globally recognized yet and able to attract the international tourists. Many focused on the negative impacts of the sites rather than the potential benefits of the industry. Thus, this study is prepared to investigate the benefits of dark tourism among visitors. The study adapted a model from Kang, Scott, Lee, and Ballantyne (2012). Three factors including social benefits, learning benefits and psychological benefits were discussed. The findings have shown that dark tourism contributes sufficient benefits which may aid to the raid development of this tourism sector in the future.

Keywords: dark tourism, paranormal, tourism trends, Malaysia

Topic: Others


Conference: International Conference on Economics, Business and Economic Education Science (ICEBEES 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (AZIEAN JAMIN)

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