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Abdul Havidz (a), Irwan Iskandar (b)

a) Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology. Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia ; Abdul_havidz[at]
(b) Earth Resources Exploration Research Group, Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology. Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia


Citarum is one of the strategic rivers in Indonesia. The Citarum River Basin is the site of 3 large reservoirs that produce 5 billion kwh / year of electricity, equivalent to 16 million tons of fuel / year. Ironically, in recent years, Citarum has become the center of attention of various parties. This is because the Citarum River was named one of the dirtiest rivers in the world along with 10 other rivers in 2013. In terms of restoring the Citarum River, not only the Citarum River water needs to know its condition, but the condition of each tributary which empties into The Citarum River and the condition of groundwater around the river also need to be known. In this study, 43 samples were taken consisting of Citarum River, tributary and shallow groundwater from upstream in Situ Cisanti to Saguling Reservoir. The samples were analyzed by physical parameter test, Ion Chromatography test, and ICP-MS test. This test is carried out to test certain chemical compositions in the sample. From the results of this study it can be concluded that: 1) Generally there is a change in hydrogeochemistry conditions in the Upper Citarum area which is characterized by an increase in the number of dissolved ions in the Citarum River flow from upstream to downstream. The concentration of dissolved ions passed the threshold in almost all sampling locations, namely nitrite and fluoride. 2) The largest source of dissolved ions in the Upper Citarum area, namely the Upper Citarum (Cirasea) sub-watershed, the Cibolerang sub-watershed, and the Citepus sub-watershed. 3) Interaction Shallow ground water and river water namely ground water can pollute river water due to the process of advection and dispersion.

Keywords: Citarum River, tributary, shallow ground water, Upper Citarum

Topic: Disaster Management and Environmental Issues


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Earth Science, Mineral, and Energy (ICEMINE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (abdul havidz)

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