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Wave Simulation in River Estuary Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia
Nazariano R. Wahyudi1, S. Imam Wahyudi2 , Fatkhu Husni3

1Oceanography Dept., Diponegoro University, Tembalang, Semarang, Indonesia
2Civil Eng., Dept, Sultan Agung Islamic University, Jl. Raya Kaligawe KM 4, Semarang, Indonesia
3Studi Teknik Consultant, Jl. Badak V-22, Semarang, Indonesia


Pekalongan River has two functions for fishing boat transportation and also the main drainage of Pekalongan City. The Pekalongan river estuary has Jetty located on two sides of the river mouth. The jetty used to protect to wave and sediment. The Pekalongan river had upstreams flow from Kupang and Banger river. Because of the flood incident around 2003, Since 2014, the two river became one estuary. This condition has a negative impact of sediment at the river mouth. So that the research aims to find solutions by simulating waves, currents and sediments. In this paper the focus is about the wave simulation. This research method begins with the collection of primary data in the form of bathymetry measurements at the river mouth. While the secondary data is wind data for 13 years and tidal. Calculations generated from wave forecasting are the results of a significant high value of 1.38 m and a significant period of 4.80 seconds. For wave simulations, SMS software is used with the CGWave module. Based on the results of the simulation, the wave propagation movement results when the dominant wave direction comes from the northwest, north and east. The simulation results can be used to analyze the movement of sediment transport that is affected by the movement of waves around the river mouth.

Keywords: estuary, wave, modelling

Topic: International Symposium of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Slamet Imam Wahyudi)

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