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Restoring Oil Production in Sand Reservoir through Water Injection Treatment At Well ABB-082 ABAB Field (Huff & Puff Phenomena) (Study Case)
Luqman Arif 1), Dyah Rini R 2)

1) Pertamina
2) UPN Veteran Yogyakarta


ABAB Field is one of the fields operated by the Pertamina-EP Adera Business Unit located in South Sumatra. Found in 1951 and developed with a total of 137 wells with 8 productive reservoirs. As long as it is produced until now, in general, the category is still primary recovery, which is producing with natural energy capabilities from the reservoir. Although there is a small percentage of random water or peripheral water flooding. This is only intended for water disposal and at the same time to help maintain reservoir pressure. Reservoir that has been carried out by water injection is a reservoir of "A". This is because the driving mechanism in zone A is the drive depletion so that the reservoir pressure decreases quite rapidly and the lens shape is reservoir. The thickness of the average reservoir rate "A" is 20 ft. The "A" zone is a sand reservoir from Talang Akar, has OOIP = 52,823 MMSTB. Cumulative production until 12/14/2012 = 15,955 MMSTB (RF = 30%). One of the wells that was used as an injection well with the aim of pressure maintenance is the ABB-082 well. The ABB-082 well was drilled in 1974 and produced from the reservoir "A". Because the swap results are not indicative of oil (oil) and from the results of the survey the pressure gradient is interpreted as a water gradient of 0.41 psi / ft, in 1975 the well was converted to injection wells. Structurally the position of ABB-082 is higher (up dip) compared to the surrounding wells with a conical reservoir. In 1990 the well was no longer an injection well with shut-in status. In 2004 the ABB-082 well blew out by removing gas after shutting down for approximately 14 years. The average gas production amounted to 0.15 MMSCFD for 1 year, from 2004 to 2005 and then producing oil in natural bursts with an average production rate of 200 BOPD for approximately 2 years, from 2005 to 2007. Until now This ABB-082 cumulative production is Np = 290,356 MSTB. Well base with OOIP = 280,666 MSTB, then RF = 35% is calculated. From the description of the data, the ABB-082 well is a phenomenon of injection huff & puff with water injection (water flooding).

Keywords: Huff & Puff, Water Injection

Topic: Petroleum and Geothermal Engineering


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Earth Science, Mineral, and Energy (ICEMINE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Diah Rini Ratnaningsih)

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