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The Origin of Gabbro of Ciletuh Melange Complex, West Java, Indonesia
(a) Aton Patonah, (b) Haryadi Permana, (a) Ildrem Syafrie

(a) Faculty of Geological Engineering, Padjadjaran University, Jl. Raya Bandung – Sumedang KM 21. Jatinangor, 45363, West Java, Indonesia

(b) Research Center for Geotechnology LIPI, Jl. Sangkuriang, Bandung 40135, West Java, Indonesia


The mineral chemistry data of three gabbro samples of Ciletuh Mélange Complex (CMC), West Java, Indonesia was determined by JEOL Super probe 733 method. The rock shows phaneritic, intersertal to poikilitic texture, 2 to 8 mm mineral size, have been deformed and auto metamorphism experienced. The gabbro constitutes pyroxene and plagioclase, and least of amphibole (hornblende, actinolite, tremolite) replacing pyroxene, while epidote, chlorite sericite and carbonate replacing plagioclase. The Mg

Keywords: Ciletuh Mélange Complex, gabbro, mineral chemistry, Island Arc

Topic: Geology


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Earth Science, Mineral, and Energy (ICEMINE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Aton Patonah)

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