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Swing Reactivity Calculation of Accelerator Driven System Subcritical Reactor 100 MWth
Sudarmono (a*), Suwoto (a), A. Rohanda (a), EP.Hastuti (a),Y.Kasezas (b)

a) Center for Nuclear Reactor Technology and Safety, Bld 80 PUSPIPTEK Area, Serpong,
South Tangerang, 15310, Indonesia
b) Reactor and Nuclear Safety Research School, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRl), Tehran, Iran


Accelerator driven system, ADS, applied subcritical reactor which can effectively transmute plutonium, minor actinide, and thorium as nuclear waste. In order to lower the amount of nuclear waste sent to the geological repository, an optimized scattered reloading scheme for ADS is proposed to maximize the discharge burnup and lower the reactivity loss. Accelerator Driven System lead store reduce of the amount of the Pu and Th, so it is not only can create the addition of energy source, but also high safety reactor. The fuel used in this reactor is obtained from LWRs spent fuel and thorium-based fuel. The use of thorium-based fuel can lower keff of the core and generates U233, which is a nuclear fuel for critical reactor. Neutron obtained from spallation reaction of PbBi target is placed in the center of the core. This ADS design produces subcritical keff during the operation of the reactor and can decrease the amount of fission products of LWRs spent fuel and produce U233. The objective of the calculation are criticality as a function of burnup in the subcritical assembly fuel. This ADS fuel is originated from UO2 PWR spent fuel with enrichment of 3.4 % and burnup level 64 GWD or 100 MWt for 1825 days calculation of accelerator driven system subcritical reactor 100 MWth has been performed. This research done by using ORIGEN2.1, SRAC2006 and MCNP6 Code. Based on the results swing reactivity of the calculation by using ORIGEN2.1 Code, indicates that keff whose value be low subcritical condition. The calculation using SRAC2006 Code indicates that at the beginning of life, BOL, the keff of ADS design with 50 cm thickness is 0.9821491 and at the end of life, EOL, keff is 0,9396284 and the calculation by using MCNP6 Code. At beginning of life, BOL, the keff of ADS design is 0.9847 and the end of life is 0.9823. The presence of plutonium and mayor actinides makes keff get slightly lower. Arrangement at this ADS model is performed to produce subcritical condition, in which an increase in fuel volume cause keff higher than 1.

Keywords: Swing reactivity, ADS, ORIGEN2.l, MCNP6, SRAC2006

Topic: Computer Applications and Information Sciences


Conference: International Conference on Science and Technology Applications (ICOSTA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (sudarmono sudarmono)

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