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Sri Widayati*) Dudi Nasrudin Usman*), Sriyanti*) and Siti Sunendiari**)

*) Mining Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology, Bandung Islamic University
**) Statistical Science Departement, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Bandung Islamic University


Utilization of minerals is used for building as natural cement, it can also be used as material for making tile. Tile made from tras is expected to be a new competitor for mild steel, especially in terms of cost. This study aims to determine and analyze opportunities for improving the local economy of local communities in the use of tras deposits with appropriate technology and low cost. The methodology used is to identify the characteristics of tras deposits, conduct training to improve understanding of how to make tras and educate tile making technology. The need for tras for making tiles requires a characteristic of these deposits. The characteristics of tras deposits are as follows; the dominant minerals present in the tras are Ilmenite and Magnetite. The chemical elements contained in the Nagreg tras deposits are SiO2 49.15%, Al2O3 29.56, Fe2O3 4.52%, TiO2 0.45%, CaO 1.12%, MgO 0.94%, Na2O 0.12% and K2O 0.20%. Specific Gravity 2.6. This will be very important for the utilization process, the amount of excavated material will have an influence on the utilization plan, especially those that will utilize the community with the aim of increasing economic value and local economic circulation. The perception of local people on the use of tras deposits to increase community income is very high, this becomes a higher opportunity for the use of tras deposits that are able to support the local economy of the community so that it will encourage an increase in the welfare index of local communities

Keywords: Tras Deposits, Roof Tiles, Local Economy, and technology

Topic: Mining Engineering


Conference: Science and Technology Research Symposium (SIRES 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Dudi Nasrudin Usman)

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