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Yoga Apriyanto Harsoyo, Muhammad Reza Arkan

Civil Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Indonesia


In a construction project development is almost always sure to always have problems that can cause delay and waste time. Both of the planning process, procurement even until the installation process will be faced with various technical and nontechnical problems that must be able to be minimized as well as possible by all sides of the construction project. Workers in construction projects such as Main contractors and SUB contractors are workers who often face problems directly in the construction project. Similarly, the Turbine Hall construction project at PLTU Tambak Lorok Block 3 Semarang was found in the project a few obstacles which became a factor of delay and waste time. This research was conducted to determine the factors of the cause of delays and waste time according to some elements of the workers main contractors and subcontractors working on the project by the dissemination of the questionnaire. The results obtained from all two elements of the worker are then analyzed using the descriptive analysis with SPSS for the cause of delays and analysis by Borda method to cause waste time factors. From the factors that cause delays and waste time gained from some elements of the worker, there will be a ranking analysis and known major factors.

Keywords: Delay factor, Waste time factor, Construction Management Construction project.

Topic: International Symposium of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering


Conference: The 3rd International Conference on Sustainability and Innovation (ICoSI 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Muchlisin ST, M.Sc.)

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