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Increasing of Performance Silica Modified Quaternary Triamine For Sorption of Gold(III) Ion
Ngatijo (1*), Gusti, D. R. (1), Bemis, R. (1), and Fadhilah, A. H (1)

1) Departement of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Jambi, Jl. Jambi-Muara Bulian km 15, Mendalo, Jambi 36361, Indonesia


Synthesis Silica Modified Quaternary Ammines (SMQA) and its application has been carried out on the adsorption of gold(III) ions in a batch system. SMQA material is synthesized through the SMA methylation reaction. SMA material is synthesized from Na2SiO3 and 3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (3-APTMS). Furthermore, the replacement of the methyl group in [-N(CH3)3]+ will change to [-N+CH3{(CH2)3N+(CH3)3}2] called Silica Modified Quaternary Triammines (SMQT). SMQT is synthesized by watching SMA with 3-APTMS become SMT which is then refluxed for methylation process to form SMQT. Material characterization is carried out through identification of functional groups, surface morphological analysis, elemental composition and metal ion concentration. Adsorption process of metal anion [AuCl4]- obtained optimum results at pH 5 with a contact time of 100 minutes with an adsorption capacity of 77.58 mg/g and an efficiency value of 96.975%.

Keywords: SMQA, SMQT, Adsorption, Gold(III)

Topic: Mining Engineering


Conference: Science and Technology Research Symposium (SIRES 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Ngatijo Rinto Wiyono)

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